VCar owners have been urged to maintain a maintenance culture as a way of reducing road accidents, said Mr Francis Johnny Omegaibor, the former General Sales Manager of Silver Star Auto Limited. A good vehicle maintenance culture is not necessarily about changing the car’s oil and/or when the driver feels the need, but how informed drivers are about the vehicles and the best oils or lubricants to use at a given time.

Mr Omegaibor, who is also a former treasurer of the Ghana Automobile Dealers Association (GADA) and a former board member of the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA), said the smartest way to ensure that a car does not break down is perform maintenance. approved by industry experts.

Speaking on the platform of the Tema MTTD road safety campaign, Mr. Omegayibor urged car owners to regularly change their engine oils and other lubricants as part of a car maintenance culture to keep vehicles in good condition.

He said that a car’s engine is its backbone and not only moves it, but its maintenance is important to extend its life: “the oil and lubricants in a vehicle’s engine perform many functions and cannot be left without proper care.”

He said motor oil in a car lubricates moving parts, helps act as a sealant against debris, cools the engine, reduces wear and helps improve engine performance. He said that depending on the type of vehicle and the type of oil the vehicle owner uses, they should change both the oil and the oil filter at least every three months.”

Mr. Omegaibor stressed that drivers should check their tire pressure before operating a vehicle as this ensures proper control of the vehicle and failure to do such checks can lead to accidents.

According to Mr. Francis Ameyibor, Tema Regional Manager, GNA-TEMA and the MTTD Road Safety Project aim to create a consistent and systematic bi-weekly advocacy on the need to be careful on the road, educate all road users on their respective responsibilities and sensitize the Safety Rules traffic for drivers.

He noted that the campaign is a behavioral change campaign launched to enable religious and traditional leaders, politicians, security personnel, gender advocates and state and non-state actors to use the platform to educate their constituents on the need to be safe traffic. measure.

Mr. Ameyibor appealed to religious and traditional leaders to use their platforms to speak to their subjects on the need to drive safely, “let us constantly warn people who drive as well as pedestrians to be careful on the road”. The Regional Manager of GNA Tema commended the Regional MTTD Tema for their support and work to ensure road safety for all.

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