Shanghai (Gasgoo) – On October 18, CATL announced a partnership with Primergy Solar LLC (“Primergy”), a US-based owner and operator of utility and distributed solar and energy storage. Both parties have signed an agreement to supply batteries for the Gemini Solar + Storage Project near Las Vegas, Nevada, with a total investment of US$1.2 billion.

When completed, Gemini will be one of the largest operating solar and energy storage projects in the U.S., with a 690 MW/966 MW DC solar array and a 1,416 MWh energy storage system, CATL said. Earlier this year, Primergy conducted a comprehensive and detailed procurement process and selected multiple equipment suppliers and construction partners for the Gemini project.

Photo credit: CATL

Primergy has developed an innovative DC-coupled system for the Gemini project that can maximize efficiency by integrating a solar array and a CATL energy storage system.

CATL will provide Primergy with its EnerOne, a modular external liquid-cooled battery energy storage system with long life, high integration and high safety. Using LFP cells, EnerOne is capable of up to 10,000 cycles, contributing to the safe and stable operation of Project Gemini.

“The future of energy reliability and sustainability depends on the massive deployment of storage battery capacity that can continuously feed power back into the grid when it’s needed most,” said Ty Dole, Chief Executive Officer. “We are working with CATL to develop a market-leading and highly sophisticated battery storage system that can capture excess solar energy during the day and store it for use in the early evening after the sun sets in Nevada.”