Driver Jenner Racing took the lead from the pole position and never gave up to control the race and get her third win of three races in 2022 and the fifth in a row, counting down to the end of the 2021 season when she won her second W. Serial Crown.

Abby Pulling of Racing X gained pressure at the end, while fighting off Alice Powell, but had to settle for second place when any overtaking proved to be very difficult on the Barcelona-Catalonia track.

Chadwick got the perfect outlet to turn the pole position into a leader in the race, while Pulling used the stronger side of the belt in his advantage to take second place, ahead of Click2Drive Bristol Street Motors drivers Powell, and Emma Kimilain committed the same Beitzke. Visser first.

The race mostly stopped in the early stages and all the riders were afraid to maintain the life of the tires in the hot temperatures in Barcelona.

This led to a compromise in the quickest time of the lap between the top three, which gradually weakened ahead, while Chadwick maintained the advantage for half a second before the race.

But due to the fact that tires and temperature limited the pace for all runners, Chadwick was able to maintain the lead by 0.5 seconds to a full second on the pull, and Powell faced the same deficit in third place.

To Paling’s credit, she has been putting steady pressure on the last two laps, but has failed to force Chadwick to make the mistake that rushed to victory to continue her perfect start to the 2022 W Series season.

Pauling and Powell completed the podium for the British rostrum, comfortably ahead of Kimilainen, who fought alone for fourth place after escaping from Vissera.

Martha Garcia took sixth place for CortDAO W Series in her home race, ahead of Spaniard Belen Garcia in Quantfury W Series.

Fabien Wolwend finished a distant ninth in the CortDAO W series, and Sarah Moore finished in the top 10 for the Scuderia W, overtaking Jess Hawkins in the middle of the race.

The W 2022 Series Company is recovering in Silverstone as part of the UK F1 Grand Prix support card on 1-3 July.

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