The City of Philadelphia’s Department of Fleet Services has announced a partnership with fast-charging network operator EVgo that will see utility vehicles gain access to charging on EVgo’s 100% renewable energy network through a discounted fleet charging plan.

The City of Philadelphia’s goal is to transition the city’s fleet of about 6,400 vehicles to “clean and electric vehicles” and commit to no more new gas-powered vehicles after 2030. Currently, more than 85 electric vehicles are operating in the city.

EVgo’s public network serves more than 60 metropolitan areas in more than 30 states, including more than 60 EVgo charging stations in the state of Pennsylvania. In the Philadelphia market, the municipal fleet will have access to more than 30 EVgo DC fast chargers and 7 Level 2 charging stations in locations such as malls, convenience stores and pharmacies, including five 350kW fast charger locations.

“With gasoline prices on the rise, switching to green and electric vehicles makes more sense than ever. This partnership with EVgo addresses our immediate need for fast charging to deploy additional electric vehicles in active municipal service,” said Joseph Rosati, Department of Fleet Commissioner.

“I grew up in the Philadelphia area, and it’s great to see electric vehicles circling the place where Ben Franklin’s kite experiment more than 250 years ago advanced the understanding of the power of electricity,” said Kathy Zoey, CEO of EVgo. “The City of Philadelphia and EVgo recognize the win-win that comes from private companies and municipal fleets working together to drive the transition to clean transportation.”

Source: EVto go

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