Materials technology company Silvatex (SVX) has developed a new cathode active material (CAM) manufacturing process. The patented production process does not use water.

The company recently closed a Series A funding round of $8.4 million in equity capital Catalan capital, Strengthen capital and How Women Invest to commercialize and scale their technology.

“Most process improvements reduce operating costs but increase capital costs; however, this innovation from SVX is unique because it reduces both capital and operating costs at the same time, resulting in significant $/kWh battery cost reductions,” says Catalus Capital Vice President Saif Goats.

“The company’s simpler and more sustainable approach to CAM manufacturing is expected to reduce CAM cost by 25 percent, plant capital requirements by 40 percent and energy consumption by up to 80 percent,” says SVX.

“SVX technology also provides flexibility in the use of raw materials such as transition or recycled metal oxides, which reduces geopolitical and other supply chain risks while lowering the cost of an electric vehicle battery,” says SVX.

The company also says it is working with EV manufacturers and supply chain partners to qualify materials and continue to scale its processes.

Source: Silvatex through Congress of green cars