The day when all electric vehicles will be able to charge at any and all charging stations just got a little closer when Tesla announced the availability of a CCS adapter in the US. Sure, Tesla drivers can use the company’s excellent Supercharger network, but until now they couldn’t use most of the non-Tesla DC fast chargers in the US because most of them use the CCS standard.

Note that this is only an issue for DC fast charging, and mostly in the States. Tesla drivers have long been able to use any public Level 2 charger with a simple and cheap adapter plug. In Europe, most Superchargers now have CCS cables in addition to the classic Tesla connectors, the new Tesla also has CCS charging ports. Tesla released the CCS adapter in Korea in 2020, but drivers in North America have become restless.

A new adapter that appears to be identical to the Korean version is now being sold at Tesla Online Store for 250 dollars. “The adapter provides charging speeds of up to 250 kW and can be used in third-party charging networks,” says Big T.

However, the new adapter may not work with all Teslas: “The CCS Combo 1 adapter is compatible with most new Tesla vehicles, while some vehicles may require upgrades to provide functionality with third-party CCS stations. We recommend checking that your vehicle has the latest available software.’

Electrician clarifies that “the problem is with the charging ECU in Tesla vehicles produced before October 2020,” and reports that “Tesla is going to offer an upgrade, but it won’t happen before early 2023. To order the adapter, Tesla owners must log into their Tesla account so that Tesla knows if their vehicle is compatible. Otherwise, Tesla owners can’t even order because Tesla probably wants to prioritize orders for owners who don’t need the upgrade.”

Source: Tesla, Electrician

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