A new company with an all-star team and strong backing from investment companies has joined the fast-growing fleet infrastructure space. Newly launched Voltera provides electric vehicle chargers as a service – its turnkey solution includes facility identification and data collection, energy procurement, facility design and construction, charging equipment deployment, operation and maintenance.

Voltera’s customers include “organizations that want to electrify operations without shutting down or investing significant time and upfront capital to install electric vehicle charging capacity, as well as automakers that want to deploy charging infrastructure to support electric vehicle sales.”

Voltera CEO Matt Horton has significant experience in the infrastructure industry, having previously served as Executive Vice President of Power and Charging Solutions at Riviansky and chief commercial officer of St Proterra. “Fleet operators, automakers and consumers are rapidly adopting electric vehicles,” he says. “But the energy infrastructure needed to support electric vehicles on a large scale lags far behind. We must bridge this gap if we are to make zero-emission transport a reality.”

“As companies take initial deliveries of large orders for electric vehicles, they find that the charging infrastructure does not exist at the scale needed to support these or future deployments,” Horton continues. “A key part of the problem is that chargers need to be strategically located and require a lot of energy. In the U.S. and Europe, electric vehicle fleets will require nearly 150 gigawatts of electricity by 2030—roughly equivalent to the annual energy consumption of all U.S. households.”

Source: Voltaire


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