NovaCHARGE, a provider of hardware, software and cloud administration chargers from Orlando, has completed the successful deployment of 627 EV charging ports for the Duke Energy Florida Park & ​​Plug program.

Duke has selected NovaCHARGE as the main contractor for its Park & ​​Plug program, which was launched in 2018.

NovaCHARGE was responsible for delivering a ready-made EV charging solution to various locations in Florida:

  • 182 public level 2 chargers at local outlets
  • 220 Level 2 chargers in apartment buildings
  • 173 Workplace Level 2 Chargers
  • 52 public fast DC chargers in strategic locations connecting major highways and evacuation routes

During the multi-year project, NovaCHARGE supplied its NC7000 and NC8000 network chargers, as well as its ChargeUP EV administrative cloud network, which allows remote administrative management and reporting, and supports both NovaCHARGE chargers and equipment from other major vendors.

Source: NovaCHARGE

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