Proterra plans to use an EV transmission manufactured by the power management company EthaneMobility business.

Eaton’s 4-speed medium-load transmission will be installed in ProDrive, the Proterra transmission used in ZX5 electric transit buses. The company says the transmission has “an electric gearshift mechanism that allows manufacturers to use smaller, more efficient engines.”

“Our 4-speed transmission provides uncompromising on-site start-up and has switching points to keep the electric motor running in the most efficient area, while taking into account vehicle handling and safety,” said Julie Marshaus, Eaton’s new product manager. ePowertrain.

The transmission consists of a lightweight transmission that provides torque up to 1200 Nm (885 lb-ft). Eaton says its spiral gears “provide smooth operation with low noise and a switching strategy designed to increase range and battery life.”

According to Eaton, “road tests have shown an improvement in energy efficiency of 20-30% under normal driving conditions compared to a direct drive transmission and a 10-15% improvement over the current 2-speed solution.”

Source: Ethan

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