Chain protection specialist Littelfuse introduced a new high-precision, high-voltage, compact fuse designed to protect against overcurrent in EV chargers.

The 607 series is rated for 500 V, 40 to 63 A, and has a break current of 10,000 A. Littelfuse offers fuses with through holes in packs of 500 pieces.

The fuses operate on both AC and DC inputs, provide a range of operating temperatures from -55 degrees to 125 degrees Celsius and meet RoHS requirements.

The company also says fuses are not without halogens and lead.

“Today’s power developers need more layout flexibility to help reduce the size of their high-power designs while increasing reliability,” said Littelfuse Style Liu, global product manager for electronics. “The 607 series not only offers a very compact pad that saves board space, but it also offers a very high interruption rating and high current compared to similar fuses on the market.”

Source: Littelfuse

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