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It was a revival of the Unlimited Car class in Saturday’s Best in the Desert Silver State 300, as not one but two entrances to the 1500 Division managed to overtake the top Trick Truck in a 301.5-mile event from point to point. Cole Barbieri won the top prize in his Racer Engineering car with a total time of 5:22:56, while Mitch Guthrie Jr., who drove his Polaris RZR Pro R against the fastest car classes rather than in the UTV division, was just 12 behind. seconds in second place overall.

B.J. Baldwin was the third fastest on four laps when he led the Trick Truck class for the second race in a row, showing a time of 5:25:51. He beat Steve Oliges for a class victory by more than 12 minutes, and Sterling Miller finished third, just 13 seconds ahead of Robert Johnston.


The best overall time in the event was given to rally veteran Dakar Skyler House, whose victory on the Open Pro motorcycle with a score of 5:12:45 beat Jeremy Newton by just over five minutes. In the 6,100-class Justin “Bean” specification, Smith defeated Brent Fox 3:30 and Miles Miller completed the podium. Preston Brigman received a higher grade in the 1000 class in seven minutes than Peter Hajas.


However, the surprises were not limited to the results of cars and trucks. In UTV Turbo Pro Vita Ranuia got his first win of the season over Joe Teran and Dustin Jones as points leader and current race winner Phil Blurton took DNF in his bid for his third straight win earlier this year. Teenagers Seth Quintero and Cameron Master complete the top five in the class, whose separation at the end of the race was less than 10 minutes.


Blurton wasn’t the only big name at UTV that didn’t reach the finish line as former UTV world champion Ryan Piplik and Parker 250 winner Mike Delhi took the DNF in the Trophy Unlimited class. Chris Blaise will return to the top of the penalty area there for his second straight win: Dan Fisher took his second podium of the year in second place and Trey Gibbs in third. In UTV NA Pro Max Eddie was led by reigning class champion Josh Rowe and Ethan Groome on the podium.

The Best in the Desert 2022 season will resume in August with the return of Method Race Wheels Casey Folks Vegas to Reno, where all BITD classes will be presented together in action, as will Silver State. Ryan Arcier (Trick Truck), Austin Weiland (UTV Turbo) and Dalton Shire (Open Pro Motorcycle) are leading the defending champions from last year’s event.

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