The best show. 1951 Vincent Rapid.

If you love motorcycle racing and admire a variety of motorcycles, then I recommend you at least once to try The Quail Motorcycle Gathering. The site is beautiful, as well as the weather and visitors. Large grassy courtyard Quail Lodge & Golf Club in Carmel, California, there is an atmosphere that can be found in the most beautiful car competitions d’élégance, but on this day you will see the horn of plenty of many of the most coveted motorcycles in the world. Compared to my last visit in 2016attendance increased, and the crowds at this 12th run of the Gathering liked what they saw.Collection of motorcycles Quail 2022: VintageThe Quail 2022 motorcycle assembly featured a wide range of competitive classes, including the Harley-Davidson XR750, BMW / 5 series, two-stroke and mini-bike. The exhibition also featured hot rods and classic cars. The motorcycles presented at the exhibition are probably the most diverse range of two-wheeled vehicles. For example, Steve McQueen’s factory racer Excelsior Super X was on display in a plexiglass case. Nearby was an 800-horsepower Hayabusa-powered carbon fiber dragster that cannot be ridden until the developer finds a traction control system to presumably keep the pilot alive. Nearby was painted the background of the Dutch mini-bike McQueen, as well as many quirks that you will not see anywhere but on the grass at The Quail Motorcycle Gathering.Collect Motorcycle Quail 2022: Vintage RacingOne section contained collections of bicycles from owners who brought their fleets to show off. Racers and rosters shared a venue, with a small number of one-offs and customs that could make your head spin in thin air. Was your obligatory retinue of early British iron from Vincents, Triumphs, Nortons – ten cents. Going further, I found almost every Ducati worth drooling, along with Moto Guzzi, Laverda, Lambretta, MV Agusta and Bimota.Collection of motorcycles Quail 2022: classicAmerican brands were in full swing – Harley-Davidsons, Indians and a small number of Hendersons – with an impressive restoration near the wonderfully rusty relics. BMW has been seen everywhere, with the R11s leading the way, and Honda’s range of motorcycles – mostly six-cylinder CBX.Collect 2022 Motorcycle Collection: Roland SandsSorry if I missed a few in this crazy and eclectic mix of moto-mar. Oh, let’s not forget the tuk-tuk that just had to make the scene. In addition, Roland Sands sued because he was awarded the title of “Sports Legend of 2022.” This year Vincent Rapid 1951 was named the best of the show.Collection of Quail 2022 motorcycles: Ducati revival cyclesRaces, helicopters, customs officers and cruisers were present so everyone could catch their eye. Do yourself a favor and add The Quail Motorcycle Gathering to your list. You can thank me later.Photos by Steve Burton, Kevin-James Gonzalez, Franco Gutierrez, Jonathan Handler and Caen Media 2022 Quail Motorcycle Gathering Top AwardsBest show: 1951 Vincent Rapid; Max Hazan, CaliforniaThe spirit of Quail Reward: 1984 Honda RS750; Chris Carter, CaliforniaHarley-Davidson XR750: 1972 Harley-Davidson XR750; Terry Callus, CA.BMW / 5 series: BMW R75 / 5 of 1971 release; Scott Wilmat, CaliforniaTwo-stroke “Braaaps”: 1986 Suzuki RG500 Gamma; Matt Torrance, Californiamini bikes | Great fun: 1971 Montez Cat 25; David Buckout, CaliforniaAward for design and style Presented by ARCH motorcycle: 1951 Vincent Rapid; Max Hazan, CaliforniaAward Why We Go Presented Why we go: 1987 Yamaha YSR50; Kristen Starling, CaliforniaHagerty HVA Award for Conservation: 1929 Excelsior-Henderson Super X 45ci OHV factory alcohol burner; Jeffrey Thomas, WashingtonMotorcycle Hall of Fame Award AMA Heritage Award Submitted by AMA: 2006 Ducati fuse; Revival Cycles, Texas

Photo gallery The Quail Motorcycle Gathering 2022

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