Constant temperature corrections in the cabin are unlikely to Kenya – DirtFish

“We all noticed the problem in Portugal, I think right after the race, all the teams together, because it’s a safety problem,” said Monsieur DirtFish on the eve of the Italy rally. “So we are looking for some solutions.

“We contacted the FIA ​​immediately, held some meetings, I think, on Monday or Tuesday last week. So it was very fast and the FIA ​​has a lot to do with a few updates on the car. So that’s pretty positive.

“We saw different ideas. I think between the manufacturers we have a golden roof to avoid the sun, sunlight, we have tinted windows, we have holes in the back for airflow inside the car, we try to insulate as much as possible.

“But still the main problem is related to the configuration of the Rally1 car itself with a side exhaust pipe with a narrow tunnel with the location of the pipe very close to the cab.

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