Convoy helped highlight sustainability issues at the FreightWaves The Future of Supply Chain event last week in Rogers, Arkansas.

“It was a great opportunity for companies to get in touch and see how they can work together, and I’ve definitely heard a lot of talk about how to do it,” said Danny Gomez, director of financial and emerging markets at FreightWaves.

Gomez said Convoy stands out in terms of talking about sustainability because it is central to the company’s mission.

“In my own conversations, people were excited to find new ways to take advantage of their technology and make sustainability a big part of their business,” Gomez said.

Dan Lewis, CEO and co-founder of Convoy, headed Fr. chat with George Brechowski of CHEP on sustainability and achieving more sustainable results through technology.

“If you don’t have trust in customer relationships, no one will let you try it, and you can’t do it in an empty space in freight. I’ve come to realize that you can’t be a technology innovator without having an incredibly strong relationship, ”Lewis said.

“Dan is discussing a kind of power multiplier where shippers are still in a unique place and central to a fragmented supply chain network. They can set priorities among their shipper communities, see what is happening in terms of sustainability, and then be the ones to disseminate and point out best practices, ”Gomez said.

Some industry representatives talk about efficiency and empty miles, but do not associate them with sustainability. But Gomez said it was still a step in the right direction.

“After all, that’s what motivates a lot of people – how to make business more efficient,” Gomez said.

Convoy had one of the largest booths in The Future of Supply Chain, and Gomez believes that the greater the presence, the greater the mission.

“They don’t talk about their company, let alone sustainability. It’s in everything Dan says and everyone there. The company’s mission is aligned from top to bottom, which is very important, ”Gomez said.

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