With aesthetic and performance upgrades, this R nineT looks ready for a trip to Gotham

Sexy and sinister fit perfectly in this custom BMW R nineT

Custom motorcycle culture is spread all over the world with people from all over the planet overseeing top notch customs. An example of this is the new sexual and sinister custom BMW R nineT built by South African company Cytech Motorcycles.

Custom BMW R nineT Cafe Racer by Cytech Motorcycles

Inspired by racers from the 70s, the front fairing adds a lot of character to this build

Cytech Motorcycle custom doesn’t look like nineT at all, and that’s not a criticism. The panel bids farewell to the round headlight and uses a cafe racer cut carbon fiber upper half fairing. This fairing houses a custom LED headlight and comes complete with a dark windshield for increased wind protection.


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A similar trend extends to the rear, where the stock flat seat gives way to a custom leather saddle. On top of that is a custom tail rig with integrated indicators and taillight, resulting in one of the sleekest R nineT tails you’ll come across. The license plate slid down near the pendulum.

The custom spoked wheels not only look detailed, but also feature sticky Michelin Power Cup tires

A Cafe Racer wouldn’t be complete without sporty ergonomics and driving dynamics, so Cytech has made the appropriate upgrades. The R nineT now flaunts a low-slung handlebar with fancy mirrors and knobs for added attention to detail, and special footpegs at the rear. At the same time, the stylish aluminum spoked wheels wrapped in Michelin Power Cup rubber provide the best cornering grip.

Cytech has worked on boxer engines for decades and used that experience to turn its latest R nineT into a beast. This is achieved by a full titanium exhaust with carbon fiber, DNA air filters and, most importantly, an ECU flash for the 1170cc twin-cylinder mill. To counter the extra ponies, the team also used lighter rotors for added stopping power.

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Finally, everything comes together through an all-black livery. The dark shade wraps everything – forks, engine, steering damper, swing arm, rear shock – in black and blends well with the raw carbon fairing. The digital-to-analog instrument cluster, meanwhile, has been left as is.

Can you buy this custom BMW R nineT?

From the front fender to the swingarm, everything here is blacked out

Unfortunately, no. Cytech Motorcycles built this custom Beemer for a customer, and judging by how good it looks, it’s a safe bet they won’t be selling it anytime soon. However, a motorcycle manufacturer that has been custom building for 35 years and specializes in BMW models can produce a custom model that meets the customer’s wishes.