American Landmaster has brought back David Pearcy full-time as director of marketing and creative. Piercy has over 12 years of experience in marketing and design, including strategies in e-commerce, branding, digital advertising, social media, sales funnel and product launch. Pearcy previously worked at American Landmaster from 2017 until the end of 2021 and left briefly to explore a new venture before returning to American Landmaster in June 2022.

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“There are few companies that give you complete control over your department and let you take it where your imagination takes you. American Landmaster does just that. We must be able to respond quickly to market conditions, opportunities and challenges. There can be no red tape, dreaded meetings or micro-management. I love that American Landmaster believes in a bottom-up approach to new ideas, a tactic that encourages people to bring ideas to the executive team … not the other way around (only top-down). I am happy to bring my experience and ideas back to American Landmaster organizations. It’s going to be fun,” Piercy said.

Piercy received his BA in Graphic Design from Indiana University Bloomington. He also competed as captain of the NCAA DIV I varsity All-American team for two of his five years.

“David brings a unique sense of creativity and passion that American Landmaster needs. You can give him a short concept that he can dive into and bring it to life quickly,” said Jeff Bannister, president of American Landmaster. “I have worked with David for several years to launch our new brand, product, advertising and other marketing efforts in the past. It can be difficult to find one person who can fill so many different roles. David can quickly move into different roles where the business needs the most attention. We have several new breakthrough products that we will be introducing to the industry in the near future and we will need David’s creativity, personality and tenacity to help market them effectively. We’re glad he’s back.”

About American Landmaster: ALM has been manufacturing UTVs and related recreational products for over 50 years. The Indiana company manufactures a full line of gas and lithium-ion UTVs. ALM distributes through independent dealers throughout the US, providing the best combination of technology, performance and American ingenuity. For more information, please visit www.americanlandmaster.c

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