Remember when we explained that the classic DeLorean, based in Humble, Texas, is a completely separate company from the new DeLorean company based in San Antonio? And when James Espie, vice president of classic DMC, told us, “The new DeLorean that was in the news after the Super Cup advertisement in February is a blank sheet of paper design. It shares a piece of DNA with the original DeLorean, but it’s a blank sheet of paper “? Here’s your blank sheet of DeLorean paper. Written by Italdesign, the same Italian creative firm that developed the DMC-12, Alpha5 makes a trio of original nods. There’s a wide pair of doors” wings seagulls “, blinds over the rear window and three-layer taillights. Then the whole 21st century. What we know about the transmission is a quote from CEO Justo de Vries:” We have several partners in the UK for transmission. ” This sounds like the case of Williams Engineering, an English developer working with Italdesign on a modular EV transmission that debuted last year.

So far, we have found that in the “Basic Performance Specifications” a battery with more than 100 kWh of “multiple electric motors” that are powerful enough to accelerate from 2 + 2 to 60 mph in less than three seconds. It is reported that the flight distance is at least 300 miles EPA cycle. Coloring the target on Porsche Taycan in terms of features and characterized as a tool “for people who love to ride”, Alpha5 has a size in inches from Porsche in length, width and height. We don’t know how to compare it to Tycoon However, the wheelbase is 114.2 inches.

The interior looks like another unfounded electrical affair. However, we want to find out whether climate control is really tucked into the recess under the dashboard.

Alpha5 is the opening note in the DeLorean Electric Orchestra. According to The carWhat’s next is a halo coupe that runs on an internal combustion V8, a fully electric sedan and a hydrogen-powered SUV. We already know the names AlphaIV, Alpha 3, Alpha2 and Alpha are waiting. This hydrogen The human carrier is one of the two odd bits in The car piece. De Vries told the magazine that the company “needs an SUV for volume” and that DeLorean is not ready to allocate its entire battery-powered portfolio. And, of course, the idea of ​​Delorean volume is not GM the idea of ​​volume. But hydrogen power seems like an amazing choice for any volume determination.

Another strange remark is when The car writes that the first 88 units of Alpha 5 “will serve as an avatar for related NFT, which means they will not be registered on the roads and are only suitable for use on the track,” followed by a series of road law vehicles. If true, then given according to rumors price somewhere around $ 200,000, the option with only the track seems like an amazing reward for first users.

We look forward to receiving answers tonight. No matter what we learn, Alpha5 remains scheduled on a Monterey The debut of “Car Week” will take place on August 18, and production will begin Italy in 2024, of course, will begin with the release of an issue that will come out in the red hue shown above, with black accents.

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