Denso and United Semiconductor Japan Co., Ltd. (USJC), a subsidiary of the global semiconductor foundry United Microelectronics Corporation, has announced that the companies have agreed to cooperate in the production of power semiconductors at the 300-mm USJC plant to meet growing demand in the automotive market.

A line of insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs) will be installed at the USJC plate factory, which will be the first in Japan to produce IGBTs on 300mm plates. Denso will present its system-oriented IGBT devices and technology technologies, and the USJC will provide its capacity to produce 300-mm plates to bring into mass production 300-mm IGBT technology, scheduled to begin in the first half of 2023. This cooperation is supported by the program of reconstruction and decarbonisation. for indispensable semiconductors of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan.

As the development and adoption of electric vehicles accelerates amid global efforts to reduce carbon emissions, the demand for semiconductors needed to electrify vehicles is also growing rapidly. IGBTs are the main devices in power cards that serve as efficient power switches in inverters to convert DC and AC to control and control electric vehicle motors.

“Denso is very excited to be a member of the first company in Japan to start mass production of IGBT on 300mm plates,” said Kodi Arima, Denso’s president. “Semiconductors are becoming increasingly important in the automotive industry as mobility technologies develop, including automated control and electrification. Thanks to this cooperation, we contribute to the stable supply of energy semiconductors and electrification of vehicles. “

“As a key foundry player in Japan, the USJC is committed to supporting the government’s strategy to increase domestic semiconductor production and move to cleaner electric vehicles,” said Mikiari Cavanaugh, president of the USJC. “We are confident that our foundry services, certified by automotive customers, combined with Denso’s experience will enable us to produce high-quality products that will contribute to tomorrow’s automotive trends.”

“We are pleased that this is a win-win collaboration with a leading company such as DENSO. This is an important project for UMC that will expand our relevance and influence in the automotive segment, ”said Jason Wang, co-president of UMC. “With our reliable portfolio of advanced special technologies and IATF-certified 16949 factories in a variety of locations, UMC has good capabilities to meet demand in automated applications, including advanced driver assistance systems, infotainment programs, connectivity and transmission. We look forward to taking advantage of new opportunities to collaborate with leading players in the automotive space. ”

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