Although it was a great day for Red Bull, he did not do without internal tensions, as during the race he twice used the team’s orders, offering Sergio Perez to move towards Ferstappen.

Perez told Red Bull that it was “very unfair” when he was asked to miss Ferstappen in the lead in the final stages of the race, and that he would like to negotiate a decision.

Red Bull explained that the cars were on completely different strategies, making it reasonable to ensure that Ferstappen was not detained, but, nevertheless, this rekindled the debate about the number one vs. number two drivers in Formula One teams.

In the latest issue of Paddock Packdown, Autosport F1 reporter Luke Smith joins Autosport F1 editor Matt Kew in Barcelona to discuss the use of Red Bull team orders, whether it was the right call and how the balance of power has now changed. championship race of the year.

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