This summer, Dodge appealed to its fans. He asked what he calls the “Brotherhood of Muscle” to share the content of his Dodge cars, and is now featuring that content in his latest national ad campaign.

The car manufacturer released “The Real Brotherhood of Muscle” 60-second video today, which will air on television and on social media. It features footage of owners taking care of their cars, showing off modifications, and of course, making donuts.

“I’ve said it before, this brand is about so much more than the cars we make, it’s the people who drive them,” said Tim Kuniskis, CEO of the Dodge brand. “And with over 13 million dedicated fans and followers growing stronger every day, we wanted to recognize and thank our owners and fans by making them and their Dodge vehicles the face of our first-of-its-kind muscular national marketing campaign.”

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This summer, Dodge reached out to its fans with its HWY 93 campaign, in which the automaker “blazed a trail along HWY 93 to celebrate this country’s iconic muscle car culture.” The brand was presented as part of the campaign Dodge HornetCharger Daytona SRT and Challenger/Charger Last Call versions.

on the way To dodge asked enthusiasts to help him find great content on social media by reposting or sharing their videos using the hashtags #ThatsMyDodge and #ad. The brand says it was looking for content that “showcases the unique culture of American muscle enthusiasts.”

This meant that while he was happy to get videos of donuts and burnouts (taken on a closed circuit), he also wanted to see content that showed how people modified their vehicles, how they looked after their engines, how they use their cars, and even where they park them.

Launched as part of the Never Lift campaign, Dodge calls it a “first-of-its-kind muscle mass marketing campaign” that puts fans “in the driver’s seat.”

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