Dott, one of several leading European electric scooter exchange companies, announced today that it is making its first expansion outside the continent. The first stop on a scooter company’s world tour? Sunny Tel Aviv.

Dott electric scooters will start in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv, Israel, is known as a major scooter exchange market due to the widespread use of micromobility throughout the city. And not only there Point expands into this hotbed of scooters, but it does so with the lowest cost for riders in the city compared to current offerings such as competing electric scooter exchange companies Lime, Bird and Wind.

Today, Dott is launching 1,800 electric scooters in the city that can be unlocked for free and cost just 1 ILS (about $ 0.29) per minute.

In addition to low cost rides for individual rides, Dott offers ride packages for regular users.

A one-day tourist ticket for 10 trips can be purchased for 40 ILS (approximately $ 11.71). For residents, a monthly pass for 30 trips costs only 120 ILS (approximately $ 35.14).

Just like your friendly neighborhood dealer, beginners get their first trip for free.

The company’s scooters are regularly updated in various markets to comply with local regulations such as slow-speed geoprotected areas and restricted areas.

Tel Aviv scooters will have license plates with a unique number to comply with local regulations that make it easier to report scooters that violate traffic laws.

Dott electric scooters ride on large 12-inch wheels for added safety, and have a triple braking system to improve braking performance and built-in redundancy.

Other safety factors include a full light package including turn signals and a built-in helmet on each scooter.

While Tel Aviv is marking new ground for Dott, the company already operates more than 50,000 electric scooters and electronic bicycles across Europe, with more than 600 employees. Now the company hopes to repeat its European success in Israel.

As Dot Tel Aviv city manager Ben Gaili explained:

Our electronic scooters offer the most efficient way to travel around Tel Aviv without causing congestion or pollution and at the lowest prices. We bring our expertise from major European cities to ensure that our service is thoroughly integrated into the city, offering reliable service to our racers while respecting other road users and pedestrians.

Tel Aviv has become a major center of micro-mobility as the city and its residents wholeheartedly embrace light electric cars.

Electric bicycles and electronic scooters are something of a great equalizer in the city, where you can usually see everyone, from students to professionals riding in personal electric cars.

Many electric motorcycle companies, such as Sur Ron and Alrendo, have done Dealers in Tel Aviv an early halt to their expansion of the world.

Gogoro, a world leader in the replacement of electric scooter batteries, just announced last week that Tel Aviv will be the first western city to receive Gogoro consumer scooters and GoStation battery exchange centers, raising hopes that the Taiwanese company will continue to expand in Europe and North America.

The planned Gogoro battery replacement station in Tel Aviv, which is currently under construction, will be completed in June.

Later this year, Tel Aviv is also preparing to introduce the first routes of its new high-speed network of high-speed Tel Aviv Light Rail trains for city passengers. Upon completion, the express railway will cover the entire city as well as connect it with local suburbs, which will significantly reduce the number of cars coming to the city, and further reduce travel time.

When used in conjunction with general or personal micromobility it will become largely unnecessary to drive around the city in a personal car.

The Israeli government has also set a deadline to stop the sale of gas cars in the country, and the import of such vehicles will be banned after 2030.

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