Dr. Lakshmi Vienna has been the Managing Director of Sundaram-Clayton, one of the leading automotive manufacturers in India. Dr. Vienna has been co-managing director of Sundaram Clayton and has been leading the front line with aplomb for more than a decade. She was the lead architect of the creation of Sundaram Clayton’s global footprint.

It has managed to rebuild Sundaram Clayton to make it the world’s most competitive foundry, and has built deep relationships with customers from Cummins, Hyundai, Volvo, Paccar and Daimler. Her decision to set up a foundry in the U.S. three years ago in 2019 in Dorchester, South Carolina, was almost insightful, as most U.S. customers were looking for foundries offshore to reduce supply chain risks and reduce carbon emissions.

R. Gopalan, chairman of Sunaram-Clayton, said: “She has successfully chartered a strategy of global attraction to create competitive advantage. ”

Venu Srinivasan, Honored Chairman Sundar-Clayton, said: “She has led the creation of our operations in the United States, which have recently begun operations. We are confident that under her leadership, Sundar-Clayton will see its growth on a global scale. ”

Accepting the position of MD, Dr. Lakshmi Venu, Managing Director of Sundar-Clayton, said: “The future promises to be exciting, challenging and presents new opportunities. We have a great team and we look forward to strengthening Sundaram Clayton both in India and around the world. I am grateful for the mentorship I received from the Honored Chairman, Mr. Ven Srinivasan, and Chairman R. Gopolan, who will always remain our beacons. ”


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