Before the coronavirus pandemic caused a major surge in online shopping – thus multiplying port congestion – companies typically managed to send bills and overload work orders without warning. Everything has changed in the last two years.

Although there was a surge in demand for clean-ups, they were often relatively short-lived as a result of labor strikes or the shutdown of shipping companies. The impact of the pandemic has been much greater and it will remain here.

“The pandemic has created some problems and it has figured out existing problems in the supply chain,” said Port X partner Tom Zeiss. “Transportation and reloading can no longer be considered as an idea. People can’t count on sending a meeting to work on the day of arrival. They can no longer get away with it. “

Now last-minute companies find themselves collecting thousands of dollars in fees and charges, while their cargo is in port for days or weeks waiting for drivers and equipment to become available.

Port X helps its customers avoid serious delays and staggering fees by helping them plan deliveries as far as possible and providing all members of the supply chain with the access and visibility needed to ensure every shipment from place of departure to destination is delivered without delay.

Although technical innovations related to yeast technology have lagged far behind the rest of the industry, Port X has partnered with its technology partners to improve and increase its multimodal offerings.

“We are counting on a number of technologies. It is based on our TMS platform, ”Zeis said. “We started with Turvo since its founding four and a half years ago. It was not built for multimodal or drag transportation, but we worked with them to improve and develop the platform to where it is today and where it continues to grow. ”

Ultimately, the recipe for success in dragees today is planning, execution, and communication. Port X gives each member of the supply chain the ability to see when the ship arrives and when the container moves to the line. This visibility manages the workflows required to complete shipment, including driver training and warehouse notification of arrival.

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