Safety is the main reason why fleets give out bonuses to reward good driving and stop poor performance.

But have you ever wondered about the efficiency of your system? Sometimes it’s not about how big the bonus is, but who can get that recognition.

“You have to have the right kind of bonus,” said Michael Krohn, regional sales manager at Not a tradition, on a recent episode of FreightWaves WHAT THE TRUCK?!?. “I see fleets of 100 to 500 drivers where the top two or three get a bonus and the other 97% get nothing.”

In other words, what will it do to other drivers?

Krohn explained the importance of expressing gratitude for all good governance, not just the best governance.

Not a tradition GreenZone Assessment does just that by encouraging fleet safety through friendly competition and recognizing all positive driving habits. GreenZone captures all performance metrics The drivera fleet security camera that monitors and trains drivers in real time.

Driver•i informs the fleet of driver performance by recording 100 percent of driving time, which is then calculated into a driver score, the GreenZone score. These points are used to drive fleet-wide competitions, recognition programs and even new coaching tactics, all of which reduce fleet risk.

“The Netradyne difference allows management to provide their drivers with the tools to review their performance and then work to achieve a higher level,” Krohn said.

Drivers view real-time performance in the Driver•i mobile app and see where improvements are needed. Krohn said it is much more effective to allow the driver to train and improve performance on their own, rather than anxiously waiting for a response from management.

Krohn added that fleets equipped with Netradyne saw an 86% reduction in distracted driving and a 61% reduction in speeding.

“You reduce risky behavior, which reduces your collisions, collision costs and claim time,” he said. “Use Netradyne in conjunction with the GreenZone bonus system in formula for success.”

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