General Motors recently filed a patent application to install a dual-charging port that can help get the most out of the Ultium battery system in the automakers ’electric pickups.

GM has developed a dual-layer battery that is already in use GMC Hummer EVand is scheduled for the near future Chevrolet Silverado EV and GMC Sierra EV. The proposed installation can provide more flexibility in how these two layers are charged.

Using a number of controllers and switches, as well as the built-in ability of the package to run as two different packages in series or in parallel, the app describes different charging scenarios for dual-layer cars.

GM’s patent application – double charge ports

For reference, in Art GMC Hummer EV The 12 battery modules are connected in series to form one layer, which is functionally a separate battery. This layer is connected in parallel with another identical layer with the same number of modules. In the Hummer EV it adds more than 100 kW / h of battery capacity with a charge of 800 volts to take advantage of faster equipment for fast DC charging with a capacity of 350 kW.

GM emphasizes that one charging port can be configured to charge 800 volts or 400 volts, while another port will be connected to the second layer of the package and will be limited to 400 volts. The system could connect them in series, charging both the top and bottom layers simultaneously at 800 V, using only the first port. Or it can charge both layers at 400 volts by connecting them in parallel.

The third configuration will isolate the two layers, charging them one after the other, GM noted. Alternatively, a second port can be used to charge accessories at 400 volts, while the vehicle continues to charge at 800 volts. This may allow GM trucks to use power tools or other equipment while charging. Ford advertised it F-150 Lightning as a mobile power supply, but it has only one charging port and therefore cannot do so.

Chevrolet Silverado EV 2024

Chevrolet Silverado EV 2024

GM also noted that with the addition of another switch it would be possible to upgrade the second charging port to 800 volts. The illustration, along with the patent application, shows both ports side by side – a layout that probably makes more sense for cars charging in the company’s garages than for personal vehicles, which are likely to benefit from the port on each side.

It is unclear whether GM will actually put dual charging ports into production, but more trucks with dual-layer batteries are on the road. The Chevy Silverado EV and GMC Sierra EV are expected to hit the market in 2023. as 2024 models.

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