The Mercedes Vision AMG concept demonstrates the future of all-electric AMG cars, while the Renault Scénic Vision concept claims to reduce carbon emissions when mixed in fuel cells. And can GM electric trucks get two charging ports? This and more here Green Car reports.

This morning we reported that GM has not been teased since the era of the original Chevy Volt concept: dual charging ports, here for electric trucks with fast charging. A recent GM patent application proposes a dual-port installation that can make the most of a dual-layer package like the GMC Hummer EV or the future Chevrolet Silverado EV. In addition, it can allow electric trucks to charge other EVs during fast charging.

The Mercedes Vision AMG concept it’s a fast four-door EV that gives an insight into AMG’s future – both in design and technology. We see more than a hint at the recent Mercedes EQXX concept, but involved in a production car. AMG also confirms that this will be the first production model on a new platform exclusive to the German performance brand.

The Renault Scénic Vision concept may borrow the name of the Euro-oriented carrier of people that appeared in the 1990s, but all about the future inside – with a 16-kilowatt range extender on hydrogen fuel cells, which allegedly allows you to carry a vehicle for almost 500 miles battery equivalent to used in the base Nissan Leaf. Sustainability is an issue, and Renault claims that the engine combination significantly reduces the product’s carbon footprint.


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