The Australian rookie set 1m28.612s five minutes before the end of the session to top the schedule, also took the pole for Virtuosi Racing at the opening of the season in Bahrain.

Vips, which participated in its first Formula One training session for Red Bull earlier on Friday, ran in 21st place until the last minute of the flight was second in just 0.02 seconds.

Frederick Vesti will be third behind ART Grand Prixand the junior Mercedes also waited until the last minutes of the session to make his fastest lap, 1 m28,852 s.

According to Racing Jahan Forgiven was the first to head the session on Friday night, setting 1m29.572s, with Kliment Novalak and Jake Hughes in the second and third.

Although most of the field was scored after the first 10 minutes, a few riders – Felipe DrugovichDuhan, Marcus Armstrong and Richard Vershor – ran on an alternative strategy and ran into the gap.

Drugovic took a temporary pole from the first attempt with 1m29,190 before Duhan improved his time by just 0.05 sec.

But his first run at the top of time ended with Daruval, who first crossed the 1m28s barrier with 1m28.884s.

His teammate and reigning FIA Formula 3 champion Dennis Hauger improved from eighth to fourth in its second run, setting 1 m29,381 s.

The couple got out of the cars for the 10 minutes that remained, leaving people like Doohan and Vesti to push them to order. Forgiveness finished fourth and Hauger 14th.

While the “Prema” pair watched this, Duhan set his pole time, beating Daruval by 0.2 seconds before Vesti and Vips joined him in the top three.

Drugovich and Purshari are under investigation for obstructions after the Frenchman said the Brazilian prevented him on turn 1, while several other drivers were noted in a skirmish similar to what was previously in the F3 qualifiers.

Campus race‘s Ralph Boshung was forced to leave the weekend after suffering from “significant neck pain” that began in Imola.

The team said Boshung was “confident” that he would be able to race this weekend, but during free practice he realized he “could not drive to the best of his ability” and withdrew, seeking a full recovery to the round in Monaco next weekend.

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