During his inauguration Einride Technology networking conference, autonomous freight company Einride introduced new software and hardware products. This includes updates to the Saga operating system, as well as the debut of Einride’s new E-Trailer – a design concept that brings end-to-end payload information along with an additional overall range from the built-in battery.

Einride is a freight technology company based in Sweden in 2016 that develops electrified solutions for commercial mobility and autonomous trucks of class 8. We first talked about the startup in 2018 when it introduced its T-Log, standalone fully electric timber truck.

This was followed by a car with an Einride sign, Pod – like a fully electric truck without a driver, which is the first started road tests in Sweden in 2019 and will soon also appear on US roads. Last November, Einride announced the entry into the state marketincluding plans to build a new headquarters in New York

In addition, Einride began training remote hearth operators in Texas after the public introduction of its first Pod operatorcreating a whole new career for electrified shipping.

In addition to the development of autonomous trucks Pod, Einride also provides E-Trucks using the data-driven Saga platform to help optimize fleet and logistics for its customers. Only in 2022 did Einride share deployment plans 200 rechargeable electric, Class 8 trucks from BYD in the US and collaborates with Danish shipping giant AP Moller-Maersk (aka Maersk) for further electrification of the shipping segment.

With its latest announcements from Sweden, Einride has expanded its Saga OS and may soon deliver a new electric trailer with an impressive battery.

Some screenshots of Saga apps including Explore and Evolve / Source: Einride

Einride updates the Saga for fleets, introducing a new cool concept

Einride announced its new product developments during its first in history Einride Mesh – a conference held in Gothenburg, Sweden, where keynote speeches, panel discussions and demonstrations from leaders in technology and sustainable development were presented.

During the event, Einride made some of its own announcements, particularly regarding the Saga operating system. Saga is currently helping to optimize traffic flows for electric and autonomous fleets by analyzing all physical conditions and routing needs with algorithmic accuracy.

Einride Mesh was the first demonstration of the expanded and updated user interface of the original Saga applications – Evolve, Explore, Book and Orchestrate. In addition, Einride invited Mesh participants to take a look at its new API developer platform, the Extend API. Extend comes with three new premium Saga apps designed specifically to help fleet customers simplify their deliveries:

  • Deliver: Provides drivers with delivery instructions, real-time status updates and digital confirmation of delivery, keeping warehouse teams up to date
  • Dock: Aligns offline deliveries with appropriate delivery terminals
  • Own: Controls the profitability and sustainability of electrical assets

Introducing the Einride electronic trailer

And last but not least: Einride Mesh participants saw the next potential EV campaign, called E-Trailer. Ernid describes this new battery, now integrated as a “design concept”, but has plans to eventually launch it into production and initial piloting as early as 2023 after further design iterations.

The Einride E-Trailer is designed for seamless integration with other Einride electric and stand-alone vehicles to ensure optimum performance. while it will also be compatible with conventional electric semi-trucks. According to a press release, the E-Trailer in combination with one of the aforementioned tractor options can expand the overall range of the electric vehicle to more than 400 miles (650 km) on a single charge.

When we asked Einride to explain how he got this number, not knowing the range of the tractor pulling the new trailer, a company representative explained:

Einride E-Trailer built-in batteries allow you to expand the range of connected Einride electric trucks. We can reach a certain range based on the known power of 320 kWh Einride batteries compared to what we can predict the car can pull.

We need to learn more about the exact range that the E-Trailer will provide when we see future iterations and piloting with the specific EV Einride. Aside from the extra range, we know that the E-Trailer will also come with technology and is powered by Einride Saga.

Shippers may be notified when the trailer is being loaded / unloaded while the cargo is being handled. Saga also assists in preventive maintenance by solving problems before their repairs become more expensive or dangerous. Watch the debut video from Einride below:

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