EKA, a company for the production and technology of electric vehicles, and a subsidiary of Pinnacle Industries, which recently entered the bus market has announced a new partnership with Canadian – based NuPort Robotics to introduce Level 2 autonomy, advanced driver assistance systems in its electric bus models.

It is interesting to note that this was the February 2020 Autocar Professional first announced plans for NuPort Robotics to enter the Indian market and deploy commercial vehicles equipped with autonomous technology by 2022.

Thanks to this strategic partnership, NuPort will provide standalone solutions with AI support, and EKA will provide a platform for electric vehicles. It is said to be the first Level 2 autonomy, and AI will be used and included in electronic buses on Indian roads. OEM will test a number of stand-alone features developed by NuPort that are said to significantly improve safety, reduce the environment and improve efficiency. After a period of rigorous testing, the technology will be deployed with more than 5,000 electronic buses, making a minimum investment of nearly Rs 150. According to the partners, this will contribute to the future of transport and sustainability. The partners claim that this technology can help reduce the number of accidents for commercial vehicles by almost 50 percent.

NuPort Robotics has announced its plans to set up operations in Pune, India, and to fully develop and deploy its technology for commercial vehicle manufacturers, starting with the EV segment.

The company says it will follow a “Made in India” approach, thereby helping to improve economic development and the innovation ecosystem within the country.

NuPort technology provides Level 2 autonomy features specifically designed for Indian roads, given the complex nature of traffic and understanding of local driving thinking. The use of patented artificial intelligence technology will gradually include stand-alone features that increase safety, efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.

Dr Sudhir Mehta, Chairman of EKA and Pinnacle Industries, said: “Our partnership with NuPort ensures that our electric buses are not only environmentally friendly but also futuristic through the inclusion of artificial intelligence, making our buses efficient and safe to run on Indian roads. I am confident that both EKA and NuPort will provide safer, greener and much more efficient transport for Indian roads. ”

Raghawender Sahdev, CEO of NuPort Robotics, said: “The current project with EKA allows us to set the first precedent in India for an AI-enabled smart electric bus. The partnership with EKA on this initiative allows us to work with a leading national manufacturer and study and develop technological solutions specifically for Indian driving conditions. Our focus on innovation, sustainability, automation and artificial intelligence is fully in line with EKA’s principles and vision, which lead to this strategic partnership between the two companies. ”


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