New Delhi, November 7: About 50 percent of Indian consumers are now willing to buy electric cars, albeit with reservations, while 54 percent of consumers are still concerned about the quality of electric cars, a report showed on Monday, adding that worries about electric vehicle range now appear misplaced.

According to a CyberMedia Research (CMR) report, consumers aren’t shying away from EVs because of “range concerns” or “upfront costs” or “limited EV charging infrastructure.” Electric car market: 1 in 2 cars sold will have an electric drivetrain by 2030, says report.

“For a long time, limited electric vehicle charging infrastructure and range anxiety were interpreted as barriers to electric vehicle adoption. However, manufacturers of automotive equipment have already developed electric vehicles with a sufficient range of up to 200 km and more,” said John Martin, an analyst of the practice of smart mobility. , CMR. FAME India Scheme Phase 2: Incentives for electric vehicles, installation of charging infrastructure under Phase II of the Scheme.

“The potential electric vehicle consumer is more concerned with the overall quality of the electric vehicle. The quality of electric vehicles includes not only the external build quality, but also the overall quality of the internal components used, including the battery and others,” Martin added.

With strong government policies including the Electric Vehicle Master Scheme, faster adoption and manufacturing of Electric Vehicles (FAME) and more OEMs opting for EVs, India’s EV development momentum is gaining momentum.

EV charging infrastructure in India is accelerating, with more public EV charging stations coming up. At the same time, cross-industry cooperation in the ecosystem of electric vehicles will also contribute to the development of charging infrastructure.

“Driving ongoing policies at the central and state levels to develop electric vehicle infrastructure, along with research and development in battery development, will provide a significant boost in e-mobility expansion. For OEMs, the focus should be on continuing to raise awareness of the quality and potential of electric vehicles,” John noted.

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