The application of EV has helped avoid 3% of global oil demand. Buyers don’t trust Tesla as much as traditional carmakers, but EV options are lacking. We’re looking at a recycled truck – electric, of course. And the Mach-E recall is another testament to the effectiveness of air updates. This and more here Green Car reports.

Ford is recalling a small number of Mach-E electric SUVs due to software issues related to some safety systems. But by the time Ford sends out traditional recall notices, many cars will already have it recall the remedy, by air.

In the United States, Europe and other countries, the adoption of electric vehicles has helped alleviate the situation caused by sanctions that hinder Russian oil exports after its invasion of Ukraine. Electric machines have helped avoid 3% of global oil demandwith electric two- and three-wheeled and connected hybrids that are part of it.

The British firm Lunaz, known for its stellar electric restorations of classic Jaguar, Bentley and Rolls-Royce models, has shown what it calls the world’s most advanced recycled electric car, and it electric garbage truck. He claims a reduction in embedded carbon of 80% due to production stages, while efficiency should be comparable to a new electric truck.

And according to a survey by a leading consulting firm, more likely buyers in the common market trust well-known automakers before Tesla or new EV startups such as Rivian. However, the current harvest of EV products does not meet expectations.


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