I’m two weeks into a month and a half trip that allowed me to get a Team USA scholarship, and wow, a lot has happened since my last blog.

We spent a lot of track days with the Ammonite Motorsport team, with a race meeting at Castle Combe, testing at Pembrey and then Snetterton. I couldn’t be happier with how well everyone blended together. Andy Lowe and the entire team were incredibly professional and made us feel like family.

Our warm-up race weekend at Castle Combe and the test days proved invaluable in helping us better understand how this car differs from the cars in the States.

It was an interesting challenge to jump in and learn the specs of the Avon tires, and even though the chassis is built on the same formula, they are a lot more different than I expected. The car is much more lively and responsive than anything I’ve driven before. The racing rules are also significantly different, as many moves you can do in the UK may be considered too aggressive in the US. Being able to extend the elbows was an interesting change.

Although we spent almost all of our time testing the first week, it was a breeze. Thomas then returned to the US to finish his racing streak, which left William and I some time to relax, prepare for the Formula Ford Festival, be tourists and get to know the UK more.

Our first trip took us to Brands Hatch for the British Touring Championships. Obviously, my main goal for being here is to race and get the best possible result for Team USA and its partners at the festival and the Walter Hayes Trophy in the coming weeks, but my personal goal is to take in and learn as much as I can. being here. I can safely say that so far I have learned more about driving and what goes into a career in motorsport than I have in all of the previous years. But back to what’s happening at the BTCC at Brands.

Thanks to Tom Arron and Colin Mann from MotorSport Vision we were able to secure tickets for the final round of the British Touring Championship. What an experience it was – not only were we able to watch some great touring car racing, but also from the support series including the Porsche Super Cup Britain, Ginetta Cup, Mini Challenge and British F4. We were lucky enough to be given a tour and now have a better look at the ins and outs of a truly professional series. It was an eye opener to see behind the scenes what goes into creating a motorsport spectacle and an amazing event for spectators.

Sunday was one of the biggest crowds I’ve ever seen at a race. The stands and the venue were packed, and the atmosphere of the event blew me away. I’ve always heard of British racing fans, but it was just incredible how much energy there was in this place. The last thing that intrigued me was that these were some of the most entertaining races I have ever seen. Each lap bumped and bumped from the front of the field to the tail. There was never time to take your eyes off, because once you took your eyes off the order was completely different.

After the BTCC we had a few days to enjoy the local scene in Milton Keynes and then on Wednesday we packed up in preparation for a day in London. We made sure to visit as many of the main tourist spots as possible. By exploring places like Buckingham Palace, Horse Guards Parade, the British Museum, the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, you can appreciate the city’s history and beautiful architecture.

One of the best parts about touring Soho and the more “real” parts of London is that you get to see the cultural differences and get to experience what Londoners experience every day. I was really impressed with all that the city had to offer and then took the train back to Milton Keynes.

This weekend William and I went again, this time to the GB3 and British GT finals at Donington Park, again made possible by the good people at MSV Media who provided us with passes and hospitality. It was great to get a taste of what GB3 has to offer and to be able to visit Max Esterson and Bryce Aron – former Team USA scholarship winners who are now racing in the series – and get another chance to see some great British racing.

And in a few days we will immerse ourselves in preparations for the Formula Ford Festival. I can’t wait to experience the thrill of racing and the energy of British racing fans on the other side.

All the best from the UK, Elliot