Elon Musk announced today that Tesla is creating a “hard litigation department” to “directly initiate and execute litigation.” The timing of the attempt is surprising, as it occurs immediately after allegations of sexual abuse against the CEO.

Musk made an announcement on Twitter:

Tesla creates a tough litigation department where we directly initiate and execute lawsuits. The team will report directly to me.

He said the team would accomplish two things:

  • We will never seek to win a just cause against us, even if we are likely to win.
  • We will never give up / solve an unjust case against us, even if we are likely to lose.

This reflects Mask’s previous comments on his and Tesla’s policies regarding the lawsuits:

Tesla’s policy is never to succumb to false claims, even if we lose, and never to fight against genuine claims, even if we win.

Earlier, Musk said he did not agree under any circumstances, and he tested this policy during the lawsuit to acquire SolarCity. All the other defendants, who consisted of Tesla’s board of directors, agreed when investors sued for allegedly mishandling Tesla’s SolarCity statement, with the exception of Mask.

Last year the case came to court, and Musk recently came out on top.

But the timing of the announcement is surprising, as it appeared the day after Mask was charged with sexual abuse, which involved resolving the situation between the alleged victim and SpaceX.

However, Musk specifically talks about Tesla’s legal department.

Tesla already has an extensive legal department, including litigation lawyers, but it also works with outside firms on big cases.

The company has always been involved in many different lawsuits, but recently it has been involved in some high-profile cases, including a lawsuit alleging racial discrimination that has led to The prize was $ 137 million, which was later reduced to $ 15 million.

Interestingly, in a new statement by Musk, he mentions that Tesla “directly initiates” lawsuits.

While Tesla gets a lot of press when it is sued, it is known that the automaker has also filed lawsuits, especially when it comes to cases of intellectual property theft.

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