The Enphase IQ8 microinverter system is certified according to new North American security and grid standards for connecting solar inverters, energy storage systems and distributed energy resources to the grid.

Enphase Energy announced today that its IQ8 microinverter system is certified in accordance with UL 1741 3etc. edition, including the SB application, a new connection standard for inverter connection, energy storage and distributed energy resources (DER) in accordance with IEEE 1547-2018 and IEEE 1547-1 2020.

Enphase was involved in the development of UL and IEEE standards and was a member of the committees that created the rules. The new standards include requirements for several advanced interconnection features that will allow networks to accommodate much higher levels of renewable DERs. One is the interaction function, which standardizes the way utilities communicate and manage DERs such as solar and battery systems.

“Enphase is pleased that our industry-leading IQ8 microinverter system is the first product in North America to receive this critical UL certification,” said Ragu Belur, co-founder and CEO of Enphase Energy products. “Our close partnership with UL has allowed us to quickly meet all current North American security standards. We chose UL as our global certification partner, and our close working relationship with them has been invaluable in this effort. We look forward to continuing to work with UL to expand our innovative product offerings and help transform the network. ”

Enphase IQ8 microinverter delivery began in December last year, and what sets it apart is that it can form a micro grid during a power outage, providing backup power even without a battery. The way it works is that the microinverter can limit power consumption only to what the home consumes, so in the event of a grid failure, the IQ8’s own smart chip will seamlessly switch between grid on and off.

Combined with the IQ Combiner 4 / 4C and IQ Gateway, the IQ8 forms the first complete DER system for residential, certified to the new UL standard, which will soon be needed in many US states to interconnect products.

“We are at the beginning of a new era in which distributed energy resources, such as solar photovoltaic and battery systems, will be a cornerstone of how we think about electricity for our homes, buildings and utilities,” said Jeff Smith, Sr. vice president of industrial testing, inspection and certification at UL. “With the Enphase IQ8 microinverter as the first ever UL-certified UL 1741 certified energy product, 3rd edition with SB application, Enphase has made significant strides in promoting the security of reliable, clean and smart energy available at home or on the grid.” .

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