Electricians remain the antidote to high gas prices. Expectations from electric vans are high, but where will they charge? And the weight of large batteries causes more emissions from a source you might not expect. This and more here Green Car reports.

Larger batteries for electric vehicles may increase range, but a recent study by an independent test firm based in the UK suggests extra weight can significantly increase particulate emissions– from the tires.

Benefits on operating costs for electric vehicles have increased even stronger amid high gas pricesand now they can be driven for just 15% of the cost of a petrol vehicle per mile, according to an updated EV group industry report.

Electric vans will appear in the next few years – and, according to a recent study by a leading van manufacturer, high expectations from cordless electric vans, on the verge of the impossible. As we have emphasized in different ways, a whole new series of infrastructure solutions is needed. So who will rise?


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