Leclerc was looking for a course to get a comfortable victory in the Spanish GP when his car suddenly lost power on the 27th lap when he was leading the race.

Ferrari had no immediate answers to what went wrong with the power unit on Sunday night, and wanted to wait for proper analysis at the Maranella factory.

After sending a broken power supply overnight, he set to work on Monday to disassemble the components and sort out what happened.

It was found that both the turbo and the MGU-H were damaged and could not be repaired, forcing Leclerc to take on replacement components from the next race in Monaco.

A Ferrari statement said: “After inspecting the Leclerc car’s PU, we found that the turbo and MGU-H were damaged and could not be repaired.

“However, having fully analyzed the failure and its cause, we are pleased that it did not occur due to the design or reliability issue of these two components or any other PU components.”

The Ferrari statement said the problem was a one-off, caused either by external circumstances or the way they were used.

Charles Leclerc, Ferrari F1-75, in the pits

Photo: Sam Blockham / Drawings of motorsport

The power unit that Leclerc used in Spain became his second of the season, so for Monaco Ferrari must decide whether it will return to the components used at the beginning of the campaign, or take fresh.

Formula One rules limit riders to using only three MGU-Hs and a turbine throughout the season, so losing these parts to them so early in their lives opens up the possibility of a potential network drop later in the year when he takes the fourth set.

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Ferrari explained after Leclerc’s retirement in Spain that during the race there were no warnings about problems with his power unit.

Team leader Matthias Binot said: “It was a sudden problem. I think we learned this first from Charles, first going on the radio and then from the engineers who were looking at the data. So it was really sudden. “

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