Ferrari is inundated with orders for it €390,000 ($393,000) Purosangue crossover and may be forced to close its order book, according to reports from Italy.

Unlike competing luxury brands whose SUVs often make up the lion’s share of their sales, Ferrari decided to limit production of its first four-door car to no more than 20 percent of annual production to maintain exclusivity.

Even if we assume that the total production of all Ferrari models rises to 15,000 with the addition of the new model line, that still equates to only 3,000 cars per year, and a potential total life of less than 15,000 Purosangues. And that may not be nearly enough to keep up with demand.

“We risk not being able to meet demand and we may have to close orders very soon,” Ferrari chief commercial and marketing officer Enrico Gallero said. Automotive news of Europe at a VIP presentation before the model’s world debut on September 13.

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And according to Ferrari, it’s the naturally aspirated V12 under the hood, a feature not offered by its performance-focused rival, that is largely responsible for the pre-order buzz. Galliera claimed interest “exploded” when the company announced Purosangue will launch with V12 power.

Ferrari will likely add smaller hybrid models later, borrowing either the hybrid V8 powerplant from the SF90or the electrified V6 engine from the 296 GTB, whose 3.0-liter displacement will help it avoid the heavy taxes levied on big engines in China, where the model is likely to be very popular.

But the presence of V12 gives Purosangue a real USP and is likely to be a big factor in convincing existing die-hard Ferrari owners that Purosangue is worth wearing the Ferrari badge. And in a further move to satisfy existing customers, Ferrari says it will prioritize deliveries to current owners over buyers new to the brand.

“Every (Ferrari owner) wants to own a Purosangue and we have to reward them because they are the ones who made Ferrari what it is today,” said Galliera. Automotive news of Europe.

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