For many, owning a Ferrari is a dream come true if you manage to get your hands on one of the limited series models, this feeling goes to the next level, but you need to take another step … if money is really not a problem and you can literally write blank check and you are a VIP customer who already owns several cars made in Maranello, you may be able to meet the program of special Ferrari projects … an internal department that creates unique Ferrari, so-called “disposable” devices which are made to suit customer requests and feature exclusive designs that no one else will be able to order, just keep in mind that exclusivity comes at a price.

Ferrari has unveiled its latest special program for a special customer, SP48 Unica, which, as we all know, is Italian unique, right? And we understand that not everyone likes the style when we check the reaction on social media, but in this case it is absolutely irrelevant, SP48 Unica was built according to the exact specifications of the customer who had the idea and came to Ferrari with him, this the idea was developed into detailed drawings and money for design using the Ferrari Styling Center.

This process takes about a year or more, and all the while the client is aware before turning the first bolt, the client will need to assess progress through several stages of verification along the way, and after more than 12 months. the final stage of actually creating a unique Ferrari for one particular person, the result is a truly unique car on which you can proudly wear the logo of the Bitter Horse and make no mistake, creating a disposable car takes so long because they are designed at the same level as serial cars leaving Maranello.

The SP48 Unica is a two-seater Berlinetta, not a Spider, and it was designed by the Ferrari Style Center with Flavio Manzoni as chief designer, based on the superb Ferrari F8 Tributo platform, but with a completely individual design, its aggressive design makes it instantly recognizable but it still feels compared to the original model thanks to the arrow-shaped front profile, but the SP48 Unica comes with a completely redesigned set of headlights and relocated air intakes in the bumpers for the front disc brakes.

A few hand-drawn suggestions could have been made to the customer, but in the end, Ferrari Styling Center resorted to procedural-parametric modeling techniques and extensive 3D prototyping to redesign the entire front grille and air intake from the base model, the 3D grille. seems to have been cut from a solid piece of carbon fiber, thus creating a smooth dynamic look, add black windows, roof and bonnet, which gradually changes to Rosso body color, making the whole car look as if it was cut from a solid piece of metal.

It is clear that the new Ferrari SP48 Unica boasts an impressive thermal dynamic design, which was gradually improved during development to ensure that all cooling requirements are met, and still come up with an individual aerodynamic balance. Compared to the Ferrari F8 Tributo, the SP48 Unica comes with built-in air intakes on the front bumper and under the rear spoiler that actually cool the engine mounted behind the passengers, these deep procedural grilles in which each section is optimally tilted to maximize air. look stunning. The intake behind the side windows does not cool the engine, but directs cool air to the air cooler of the intercooler directly behind the side windows, which allows the designers to use smaller air intakes on the sides.

The interior of the SP48 Unica retains the technical identity of the F8 Tributo, but this single glass has no rear window, so it was removed, but the Ferrari style center was actively involved in creating the perfect combination of colors and finishes that reflect a refined, sporty and aggressive character SP48 Unica. This is clearly shown by the exclusive black laser perforation Alcantara®, which is on beautiful seats and other parts of the finish, if you put a contrasting red-orange fabric under the perforation, you see a glimmer of color in these areas, this shade was chosen to mimic a very iridescent exterior.

The motif reminds us of a hexagonal motif on the grille and procedural livery on the roof, transferring style queues from the exterior to the cabin, adding polished sills with a similar hexagonal motif with laser embossing, matte carbon fiber parts inside the car and more the last detail is the quirky use of Grigio Canna di Fucile accents for a truly amazing overall look inside this disposable custom build as it should be.

Be sure to check out the official “Beauty footage” video for the Ferrari SP48 Unica below, followed by more photos:

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