One of the most important safety checks you can do on your motorcycle is often ignored –check tire pressure. Even if you are thinking about ensuring proper air pressure, the hassle of getting a pressure gauge on the valve stem can be a good reason to rely on a psi check. Lee Parks Design acknowledged that this is an obstacle in order to do what needs to be done, and came up with the Psi Pro pressure gauge.Manometers in tires Lee Parks Design Psi Pro: priceThe idea of ​​the Lee Parks Design Psi Pro pressure gauge is brilliantly simple – it makes it easier to get readings. Founder of Lee Parks Design Lee Parks, best known as the founder of the School of Total Control Training for Motorcyclists and the author Full control an advanced book on how to drive, turned his design skills to pressure gauges in tires, resulting in the appearance of Psi Pro.Manometers in tires Lee Parks Design Psi Pro: MSRPThe secret is in the 90-degree angle for a cylindrical pneumatic cartridge. Many valve stems are aimed directly at the hubs, making it impossible to obtain a traditional straight pencil, a round tire pressure gauge. Even heads at an angle of 45 degrees from the body can find obstacles from spokes, discs or sprockets. The 90 degree design on the Psi Pro makes each valve stem accessible.Tire pressure sensor Lee Parks Design Psi Pro: accuracyThe Psi Pro has a 5.5-inch brass body with a textured coating with high grip. The pneumatic chuck is made of nickel-plated steel and a half inches long and is designed to be securely attached to the valve stem by intuitive pressing. When pressure arises, the piston acts on a steel spring that pushes out a traditional three-inch nylon stick that is marked with a step of one pound per square inch to detect pressure. When you remove the air cartridge from the valve stem, the indicator bar self-retracts to avoid unintentional damage.Designed by Lee Parks claims that the pressure measurement is accurate in the range of one psi from 5 psi to 50 psi – making it compatible with street bikes and bikes – and backs this up with a five-year warranty. Even if you have tire pressure monitoring system, you may need this pressure gauge as a backup to confirm its accuracy. The Lee Parks Design Psi Pro tire pressure sensor is made in the United States and has a recommended difference of $ 28.

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