Statistically, road freight transport is the most widespread delivery method around the world. For instance, the indicator of freight transport by this transport mode in Europe is over 40% of all freight and cargo transport.

What are the benefits of road freight transport?

Geographical Precision of D

The door-to-door delivery method will give you the opportunity to save time and material resources and will enable to have continuous business processes.‎ This is a freight transport plan that makes it possible to withdraw the merchandise from the consignor’s warehouse and deliver it to the consignee’s warehouse on tighter schedules. This method of delivery is carried out only by road transport. For this reason, road transport is often included in multimodal plans, for instance, a truck carries the merchandise from the consignor’s warehouse to a port, then the cargo is transported by ship and after by road to the consignee’s warehouse.

Easy Reach.

The world has more than 23 million kilometres of roads. In Europe, the figures are equally impressive, for instance, the UK road kilometrage exceeds 398,000 km. Said another way, it will not be difficult to deliver goods by road to any place where there is a roadway. By the way, roads are built even in such hard-to-reach places as jungles or deserts.

In addition, in most cases, there are several ways to get to a certain destination. This fact is important to take into account when plotting a route for the delivery of non-standard goods. For instance, if you transport goods whose height exceeds 4 metres, route sections, which include railway crossings equipped with overhead wires, roads passing under bridges or those passing next to power lines should be excluded from the route.

It is possible to choose the adequate mode of road transport to carry any type of freight, which is enabled by a wide range of truck models. For instance, timber is transported in logging trucks, and light oil products are transported in special tanks. Isothermal vans are used to transport medicines, food, fresh flowers, and other temperature-sensitive goods. Lowboys trailers deliver mining and quarrying equipment.

Fast Delivery.

For motor transport, there are no time limits for the delivery of goods, because, unlike ships and aircraft, road freight transport does not depend on the schedule of seaports or airports. In addition, weather conditions affect motor transport to a lesser extent, although there are exceptions, too, for instance, delivery during heavy rains, icy condition of roads, or snowfall is simply unsafe.

Advantageous Transport.

Road freight transport is recognised as the cheapest way to deliver freight. To optimise your costs and reduce transit time, you just need to choose the adequate mode of transport and plot a correct route.

The figures also count in favour of road transport. According to Eurostat, in 2018, European transport companies (including those from the UK) delivered more than 653 million tons of goods by road. This indicator keeps growing.