Covered with a liquid-sleek aluminum body, this visually stunning custom motorcycle features a number of airbags that won’t look out of place on a fighter, as well as an almost completely closed front wheel and some absurdly low clips.

This is the work of the South African company FabMan Creations (FMC), built at the request of the client using the BMW R NineT as a base. Most of the frame and interior of the bike remain intact, including the branded boxer engine, whose cylinder heads look through the side panels.

But replaced absolutely everything that goes outside. Indeed, even the fuel tank and subframe under the body are new. According to BikeEXIF, Wayne Bays of FMC taught himself to mold aluminum by embossing panels on stumps, ten years ago. He came a little; the metalwork on the Storm looks almost flawless.

To minimize gateways, some of these pieces are large and intricately shaped. The main metal fairing, for example, extends from the front hood straight back to the stocky tail, with a barely visible clasp to interrupt the silky metal finish.

From top to bottom you can see a small standard panel, buttons and a fuel tank

FabMan Creations

Here, even the steering wheel does not interfere. Buys created a set of clips that attach to the forks under the lower triple clamp and then rise around the fairings to end up close to the usual cafe-racer position.

Jet-style air caps carry high-speed cooling air past the ribbed engine cylinders, helping Storm regain some of its cooling capacity in the metal shell. Another scoop from left to left pushes air past the relocated oil cooler, and the surreal-looking front wing, which covers the vast majority of the entire front wheel, has two more air fills in the tanks to continue airflow through the brake calipers.

The cover of a minion headlight with a helmet smoothly combines with a body thanks to ultralow clamps
The cover of a minion headlight with a helmet smoothly combines with a body thanks to ultralow clamps

FabMan Creations

The rear wheel also has large hub covers – no room for spokes and rims that spoil the look of this car – and the standard one-way flywheel and shock absorber are also hidden. The gap between the pendulum cover and the main body looks so small that you can hardly pull your little finger into it, but it allows the rear wheel to move up and down normally.

Some concessions have been made to the concept of “all-metal everywhere”. There’s a small leather seat cover, a filler neck cover, some top heat holes and a dashboard with some buttons. Indeed, it looks like a standard R NineT Scrambler quote. The ignition disappeared, the keyless system was replaced.

The bike rides and rides, as evidenced several videos on Facebookand it sounds great. FMC says it has been asked if it will be a kit for other R NineT owners, but that seems unlikely given the complexity of the build. However, this bike is for sale and the rest of us can enjoy it in the photos. Good job!

Source: FabMan Creations through BikeEXIF

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