Anthony Lo’s first look at this approach and vision certainly is The Lincoln Star Concept, presented on April 20, 2022. A project that in the near future will inspire the creation of 100% electric cars of the American luxury brand. “This car allows us to assess the public’s reaction to our new direction of design,” Lo says.
Asked how mobility is changing and how people relate to it, he said: “It is also important to keep in mind that electrification offers designers more flexibility, which is an important condition for combating change.” He adds: “This greater freedom of design is manifested primarily in interiors, where thanks to the presence of platforms on which flat batteries are located and have a structure similar to a skateboard, we can develop design solutions that are close to real. end-user needs. If before the exterior was in the lead, today we can focus more on the cabin, more space, connectivity and digitization.

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