Back in September, we told you about everything Ford plans to attract dealers to sell electric cars until October 31. Obviously, many dealers have reached out and asked for more time to make their selections. Now Ford obliges and gives another month dealers to decide on their future plans, pushing the deadline to December 2.

“We value our relationship with our dealers and have decided to provide additional time for our dealers who have not made a decision or have requested more time,” company spokesman Marty Gansberg said in a statement to Automotive news.

Ford wants to make sure that the dealers who sell their electric cars are well trained and equipped to do so. To that end, it offers two different EV buy-in levels that dealers can choose from. Notably, neither option will come cheap for the dealers in question.

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The first level is called Model e Certified, and Ford estimates that dealers who choose it will need to spend up to $500,000. This money will go towards electric vehicle infrastructure at the dealership itself. Dealers that go this route will have access to order EVs for customers, but will not be provided with inventory or demonstration units.

Conversely, those who choose the second tier, Model e Elite, will have access to EV inventory, demo units and guaranteed distribution each year. Of course, they’ll have to spend up to $1.2 million for the privilege. This includes ensuring that the dealership has at least two DC fast chargers and one dedicated to customers.

Pushing the deadline back gives more time, especially for dealers who are torn by the decision, while also aligning more with deadline for Lincoln dealers is December 15th. Notably, dealerships that offer both Ford and Lincoln will have to invest in both programs, not just one or the other.

Ford has made it clear in the past that it will not force any dealership to make changes or participate in the program. Exclusive benefits for participating dealers begin January 1, 2024.

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