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China may retaliate against US ‘discriminatory’ tax credit for electric cars

The latest country to oppose the US Anti-Inflation Act was a surprise, China. In accordance with Bloomberga spokesman for the country’s Ministry of Commerce said the IRA “discriminates against similar imported goods and is believed to be in violation of World Trade Organization principles,” adding that “China will continue to assess compliance with the law and take action.” to protect their legitimate interests if necessary.”

The latest Ford F-Series Super Duty teaser confirms the return of the 6.7-liter Power Stroke V8

A new teaser for the upcoming F-Series Super Duty appears to confirm the return of Ford’s 6.7-liter Power Stroke V8 turbodiesel engine — one that makes 475 hp. torque in its current form. In addition, we can see the “Super Duty” lettering, a streamlined body and retractable side steps.

Audi teases a new E-Tron prototype, may show the updated crossover

Audi will show the new e-tron prototype at the e-Cannonball in Hamburg with “new innovations in lighting”. It looks like the prototype will be based on the upcoming updated e-tron that was watched over on several times.

QOTD: Should we vote to ban ICE?

Former Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini called on his country’s government to let the people decide whether to implement the EU’s ban on internal combustion engines in 2035. Despite Salvini’s track record of being anti-European, is this politician right? Should the referendum ban fossil fuel cars?

Tesla has unveiled a $250 charging adapter that provides access to third-party charging stations in America

Tesla has unveiled a new adapter that will allow owners to get power at a wider range of charging points. The CCS Combo 1 adapter, available on Tesla’s website for $250, will allow Teslas to connect to fast charging stations operated by other companies such as ChargePoint, Volta and Electrify America, although for now it can only be used on the latest models in the line.

Lotus closes a fundraising round, valuing the technology division at $4.5 billion

Lotus has just completed a round of fundraising, and while the exact amount raised is not yet known, the firm’s technology division has been valued at $4.5 billion. Lotus aims to use the funds to expand its distribution networks and innovative products as it prepares to launch the Geely-owned Eletre in 2024.

The Ford Mustang sedan is perfectly embodied in reality

One Easter egg revealed alongside the unveiling of the all-new Ford Mustang last week was an official sketch of a possible four-door version of the holy pony car. This inspired Sugar Design to create their own unofficial rendering, and we have to say, the results aren’t bad at all.

What else is making the news

YouTube is taking on TikTok by monetizing short videos

YouTube creators will soon be allowed to monetize Shorts, short videos similar in style to those popularized by TikTok. YouTube will share 45 percent of Shorts revenue with creators, while eligibility for the site’s Partner Program will also be expanded.

Nicolas Latifi will leave Williams at the end of 2022

Formula 1 driver Nicolas Latifi is leaving the Williams F1 team at the end of the season. The Canadian has often failed to impress the crowd, while at the last race at Monza, Alex Albon’s understudy Nico de Vries made a fine debut, scoring points and overtaking Latifi in the championship standings after just one outing.

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