Ford informs buyers that the car they want may not be available for order in the message displayed on its website. The warning cites problems with high demand and supply chains in a clear quest to create the expectation that just because a company will allow you to build a car online doesn’t mean you can really buy it.

If you try to build and appreciate a wide range of vehicles like F-150, F-150 Lightning, Maverickand BroncoFord is now showing a pop-up notice labeled “Due to a combination of high demand and global supply chain constraints, not all models, finishes or features are available to order,” without offering specifics.

Here is a screenshot of the warning:

The message prompts buyers to click “Confirm” to continue. Other brands have added messages that hint at chip shortage, too. For example, Audi The website says: “Due to the constant shortage of parts affecting global production, the availability of some equipment, options and features may be limited.”

Interestingly, not all Ford models there is this warning. In case of slow sales Ford EcoSport and Escape, there are no such reports. While this doesn’t necessarily mean that these models will be much easier to find in stock, it may indicate a deliberate move to focus on the brand’s most popular cars.

While the fact that there is a shortage of supplies may not be news to most buyers, Ford’s decision may be one of the least subtle attempts to literally get its customers to acknowledge the situation. Behind the scenes, Ford has raised its MSRP several times, in particular by several price increases before last Christmas.

Unfortunately, buyers should not expect Ford’s inventory to improve significantly any time soon. Ford’s incentives still include fewer discounts than usual, and we see signs that the brand has cut a special discount for custom-made cars. As a result getting a lot ahead remembrance day can be desired for desired.

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