The Blue Oval will support five teams next season after a sensational performance Luring former Holden Walkinshaw factory team Andretti United through a gap in manufacturers.

Each will have a level of factory support from Ford, Dick Johnson Racing is best supported as an homology team, and the other four will have a similar level of support throughout.

What exactly this support entails is not what Ford will reveal, but it is unlikely to be exclusively commercial.

Ford’s set of teams will total 11 Mustangs on the 2023 network with four from Tickford, two each from WAU, Grove Racing and Dick Johnson Racing and the only Blanchard Racing Team record.

That number also won’t grow, and Ford confirmed in a WAU announcement that it focused on those five teams, and only on them, for next season.

“The book is complete,” said Andrew Birkic, president of Ford Australia. – The network is complete for Ford Motor Company.

“We’re not here to align the numbers. We certainly want to win and we’ve built a really strong team. It’s a competitive series, look at this year. Shane van Gisbergen is doing an amazing job.”

“We have to improve collectively. It’s a super-competitive category, but we’re on it.”

A Ford spokesman confirmed to that teams outside the current Ford family cannot drive a Mustang even without factory support.

Ford’s view is that the teams need permission to launch the Mustang in supercars, which is unlikely to succeed based on Birkic’s comments.

This means that the only possible option for additional Mustangs in the short term is if BRT will be able to get a second Charter Teams Charter.

Ford’s last word on who can control its equipment is a departure from the IP rules of the past. Traditionally, Ford and Holden signed the car’s homology, whether it was involved in the factory or not, and then teams could choose to drive that car.

As for GM, it is expected that limited factory support through the new Chevrolet Racing brand will be poured into the homology team Triple Eight.

The 2023 network will feature 13 Camaros distributed across the T8, Brad Jones Racing, Erebus Motorsport, Team 18, PremiAir Racing and Matt Stone Racing.

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