In a few years, the Ford Mustang will be fully electric. BMW Considers Four-Motor Electric Cars M. Lincoln has looked into the distant future with a fresh concept. And Acura calls its EV the ZDX. This and more is here at the address Green car reports.

BMW has announced that it is conducting tests four-motor system for future M Performance electric cars. While Rivian already uses this layout in its electric trucks, and it’s in the works for the Tesla Cybertruck and Lordstown Endurance, as well as supercars like the Rimac Nevera, this will be its first use in a mass-market performance vehicle.

The the entire Ford Mustang lineup is set to become fully electric in five years, the report said. And as interest in the Mustang Mach-E continues to grow, the Ford Mustang Hybrid, which has been in development for years, may not appear at all. Is this a confusing message?

Luxury brand Ford Lincoln is celebrating 100 years, but it’s looking ahead to the next 100 years with its Model L100 Concept EV. With its side doors and rear-hinged roof, lack of a traditional steering wheel, and “social seats,” the L100 Concept provides a distant future to think about, as well as some near-term hints of Lincoln design.

And just after showing off the future of Acura’s design with the Precision EV concept, luxury brand Honda has confirmed that its the upcoming electric SUV will be labeled ZDX. The Acura ZDX will be based on the GM Ultium EV, and Acura has confirmed that a production version of the Type S is already in the works. Let’s hope it’s not a limited niche car like the previous ZDX.

And we still get a lot of questions about the Inflation Reduction Act and how it changed eligibility for the EV tax credit. Based on guidance from the IRS and the Department of Energy released earlier this week, we’ve compiled a list which EV and PHEV models may be eligible in 2022.


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