Was it with solid villagers? Do you need a very portable, refreshing ready-to-drink cocktail (or six)? Believe that this is a warning of all hands: All Hands Cocktails – this is exactly what you are looking for, and there is no better place to start than with a set of carbonated vodka. These are not solid potions – they are ready to eat, 10 percent cocktails with a spicy drink made from craft vodka, distilled at least six times, high-quality carbonated water and all-natural flavors. Even better, they pack two cocktails of “loaf power” in each jar. (Or, as All Hands puts it: “six cans, 12 cocktails – you count.”) In every six packs of variety you get the flavors of Ruby Red Grapefruit, Raspberry Lemonade + Cherry Limeade – and each one is literally rewarding – a winning flavor by getting gold or silver medals at the World Spirits Competition in San Francisco. Available now for pre-sale online in 34 states, the product package costs you just 20 bucks; orders over $ 55 are free. Go to the order and use the COCKTAILPATROL code for a surprise in your cart.

Price: $ 20


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