The billionaire faces the largest U.S. tax evasion case against the individual accused the Internal Revenue Service of emptying his wife’s bank account if she tried to collect $ 1.45 billion from him.

Robert Brockman claimed in Houston federal court that the IRS confiscated the money on Monday and turned down an offer from the Bermuda Trust to provide his family with $ 1.45 billion while he challenged the agency’s civil lawsuits. The seizure came on the same day as U.S. attorneys urged a judge to reject the trust’s offer to withdraw pledges on Brockman’s property and assets, the statement said.

“It is unlikely that the government can turn down an offer that would make it possible to fully enforce the declared tax liabilities, while the IRS instead continues its efforts to seize much smaller sums from Mr. Brockman, his wife and other third parties,” Brockman’s lawyers wrote on Wednesday. .

Brockman, a former CEO and owner of retail technology giant Reynolds & Reynolds, wants the judge to overturn the so-called IRS risk assessment, which allows them to recover immediately if taxpayers “quickly develop” to move assets out of government reach. The government said in a statement that its hazard assessment should not be overturned based on a letter from the Bermuda Trust.

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