FOSC chat: live animals create a unique supply chain problem for PetSmart

This summary is a chat by the fireplace from the 2nd day of the live event FreightWaves The Future of Supply Chain in Rogers, Arkansas. For more information and event content, Click here

FIRESIDE CHAT TOPIC: PetSmart supply chain.

DETAILS: PetSmart operates a diverse supply chain that is somewhat reminiscent of the grocery business, with solid goods of world origin as well as live animals.

SPEAKER: J. K. Simantsyk, President and CEO of PetSmart.

BIO: Simantsik previously served as CEO of Academy Sports + Outdoors and President Meijer. He began his career at Walmart Stores Inc., where he held several management positions at both Sam’s Club and Wal-Mart International.


“We actually have fish distribution centers. We have about 600,000 square feet across the U.S., where we move more than 200 units of live fish and have people do it, which means you have veterinary and quarantine rooms. … It really gives a new definition of perishable. If you make a mistake, you are endangering the health and safety of pets under your care. ”

“Our number 1 volume is actually crickets. We move more than 50 million crickets a year because some reptiles want it. So it’s definitely a little more complicated than your average supply chain because it’s complex on the side where we own, from feed to feed. We can direct imported fish species and launch them through our distribution facilities all the way through local selections that may be inherently “mom and dad”.

“We had a supply chain that was built to manage a fairly stable volume, and then we grew by more than 40% over the last four years. So it’s hard enough for the organization. But in this environment, the amount of flexibility and agility that we try to find not only in our own network, but also in our partners, creates new challenges for us every day. Last year alone, we chased unplanned demand of about $ 1 billion. So you can imagine the workload that causes planning and forecasting throughout your supply chain. ”

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